About Us

Phone: 86-137-2347-9102
Fax: 0755-23019378
E-mail: larry@sz-dubang.com
Address: Xiuhua Road Songgang Tong Ha Chung third industrial zone of Shenzhen City on the 1st


About Us

Shenzhen Dubang Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, our factory is located at No.1 Xiuhua Road, Third industrial zone of Tongxia Yong, Song Gang, Bao an District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong, is mainly engaged in electric skateboard,design, manufacturing, marketing, service .

We strictly adhere to ISO 9001 manufacturing quality standards, from the product design phase, in molding and programming developments, to product assembly, throughout the entire manufacturing process. By doing so, we always provide our customers with safe, reliable, high quality products electric skateboards.Dubang's strict attention to technical details and avant garde Research and Development affords us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

 Dubang follows a good faith business philosophy focusing on service, quality and price by putting our reputation first.

Dubang's entrepreneurial spirit, innovative drive and service oriented attitude, all help keep us at the forefront of the electronic products manufacturing marketplace.